Copying the Cats

Can you copy the cats?

Can you copy the cats?

OBJECTIVE: To become familiar with some geometric shapes and develop problem-solving skills

You may have seen or heard about tangrams before. Well, a tangram is traditional Chinese puzzle made of a large square divided into seven pieces—one parallelogram (also called rhomboid), one square and five  isosceles right triangles—that can be arranged to match particular designs. FIGURE 1: A Square Tangram Use all geometric shapes below in order to recreate each of the cats shown. You can translate the shapes by dragging the blue points. You can rotate the shapes by dragging the green points with the mouse. (Ipwesto gamit ang asul na tuldok. Ikutin gamit ang berdeng tuldok.)


QUESTION: How many cats were you able to copy?

TODAY you took a break from the usual GeoGebra tasks of exploring the GeoGebra Classic app.

We hope you ENJOYED solving the puzzles, which should really serve as your mental calisthenics.