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Cardioid Envelope of Line Segments

Cardioid Envelope of Line Segments To create sequence of points on a circle: Sequence[ (r cos( i 2π/n), r sin(i 2π/n)), i, 0, n-1 ] The cardioid created using this set of points is sideways, so Sequence[(r cos(i 2 π / n - π / 2), r sin(i 2 π / n - π / 2)), i, 1, n] orients it right-side up and rotates it so that it's exactly vertical. To create a cardioid, numbered points are joined with their doubles, and then repeated in the reverse direction. Cardioid 1st half = Sequence[Segment[Element[list1, k], Element[list1, 2k]], k, 1, n] Cardioid 2nd half = Sequence[Segment[Element[list1, n - k], Element[list1, n - 2k]], k, 1, n]