Sketching Linear Graphs

Sketch the line shown in the top left section of the grid below. Use what you know about gradient and y axis intercept to help you do this. 1) When you have worked out the y axis intercept, click and drag point A along the y axis to show where the intercept is. 2) When you have worked out the gradient, click and drag point B in order to sketch the line. Hint: use the triangle to help you with the gradient. Remember gradient is the change in y/change in x. 3) When you have sketched the line, you can check your answer by ticking the check box next to 'show answer'. The correctly sketched line will appear in green. 4) If the green line is sketched over your line, then you have sketched this correctly. If the green line is different to your line, then try again. 5) Refresh the file and repeat steps 1-4 as many times as you want. Use the zooming feature to zoom in and out of the file.

A How do you work out the y axis intercept? B How do you work out the gradient? C What if you were given the equation in the form ax+by=c? How would you sketch the line?