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Geometry Unit 1 Lesson 3 Activity 3.2 modified

Decide where to place points in the given grid so that they are the same distance from point A as they are from point B. Place at least five points in this grid. Connect these points to points A and B by using the Segment tool. Use the Distance or Length tool to measure each distance from your points to points A and B. Next use the Line tool and connect the points you placed in the grid. You can move the measurement a little if they get in the way by using the Move tool. Before you started, line segment AB was not drawn in. However you could have drawn it in if you placed a point that was directly in the middle of points A and B along the horizontal grid line that they are on. If you do not have the line segment AB drawn in the grid, please create it by first placing a point equidistant to points A and B then connect that point to A and then to to B using the Segment tool. Finally use the Angle tool to measure the angle that was created with line segment AB and the line you just created. To use the Angle tool, you need click on all three points that create the angle and make sure that the vertex point is clicked second.