Constellation Project

Mr. Herrle

Create a Constellation! Hooray!

I Can: - Identify points, line, and planes - Understand and apply the terms collinear and coplanar. Directions Create your very own constellation OR re-create one that already exists. Get creative! This is an opportunity for YOU to make something. Just don't try to make something that will take more than 10 minutes OR that is bigger than the screen. After your constellation is finished, answer each of the following in a google doc and include a copy of your graph using the screenshot feature: 1. Is each point labeled correctly? 2. *Properly* label each line and/or line segment. 3. Give an example of two collinear points. Then, give an example of two points that are not collinear. 4. Give an example of two coplanar points. 5. How many lines go through 2 points? Justify your response. 6. Look at two intersecting lines on your constellation. What do you notice? *Properly* means that it follows the definition in you wrote in your handy dandy interactive notebook.