Construction of Tangram Game

Writing Title

-Select Text button to write the title (Tangram Game). Set colors and style of the title. -Layer 0 is the base layer that is permanent throught the whole game. Assign Layer 0 to the title. -To assign layer to an object, open the settings for the object by right click, in advanced section of settings choose layer for the object.

Construction of the shapes

-Construct the template of the shape by using Rigid Polygon tool. -Construct the parts of the tangram shapes by using same tool. -Hide all labels of the line segments and points. -Set different colors for each tangram shapes.

Assigning layer to the shapes

-For the constructed tangram shape including template, select all parts and assign layer. -Hide all shapes in Layer 0. -Repeat all steps for each tangram shapes.

Adding Buttons

-Add button is named Letter T by using Button tool. -Set its layer on 0. -Set scripting command: ShowLayer(1) -For each tangram shape, add new button and scripting command: ShowLayer(). -Construct How to Play button, set scripting command ShowLayer(where the game's explanation is) ,assign layer 0 to it and add closing button. -For closing the layers, add a new button named X and assign layer which is the layer that has tangram shape is wanted to close -Set scripting comman to closing buttons: HideLayer(). -Set the color of the buttons.


Why we use Rigid Polygon tool to construct the shapes? Why any other polygon tool are not used?