Transformation Quiz Review

1. Reflect the image over y = x by construction. Show all construction marks! (4 points)

2. Graph the quadrilateral PQRS. Then rotate the figure 90 degrees counterclockwise about the origin. P(2,1), Q(4,2), R(3,4), S(1, 4). Show all Construction Marks! (4 pts)

3. Translate using the rule (x,y) -> (x-3, y+2). Show all construction marks! (2 pts)

4. Find the image of A(3,7) translated using the rule (x,y)->(x-5,y+7) (2 pts)

5. Translate the triangle using the rule (x,y) -> (x-4,y) and then reflect it over the line y=-1. (4 pts)

6. Reflect the triangle over the x-axis and then rotate it 180 degrees about the origin. (4 pts)