Rectangle 1514

I began my construction by drawing segment AB and drew circle A and B. Then, I made the diameter of circle B, then I drew circle C around segment BC. I then drew point D, E, and F on the bottom edge of each circle directly below the opposite point and connected segment DF.I then drew a circle E,F, and D. I then connected segments AE, DB, BE, BF, CF, AD, CE, and GH. AB=BC because they are the radius of the same circle. AB=BC=DE=EF because they are all the radiuses of the same circles. AD=CF because they are the radius of the same circle which shows 2 pairs of opposite, congruent sides. AC is parallel to DF and GH because BE, the perpendicular bisector, goes through all of them. Angles EDA, BAD, BCF,and EFC are right angles because they each share consecutive interior angles to JID, JIA, IJC, and IJF. CF is parallel AD because the perpendicular bisector passes through both of them. This makes the opposite sides parallel and congruent and has 4, right angles.