Aim of the Project


A toolkit for workshops, presentations, fun in the classroom aiming at collaboration and problem solving

The project's aim is to develop both guidelines to develop games as well as create game ideas with guidelines how to use them. The guidelines and ideas will include concepts for the processes based on our previous work and on new ideas. Several steps could lead to the production of a mathematical puzzles which consist of:
  1. Developing an idea for a puzzle
  2. Designing 3-dimensional models for 3D printing
  3. Producing the model
  4. Observe and try out the outcome testing whether the result is satisfactory or the process has to be repeated
The goals for a successfully developed puzzle are:
  1. Increase geometric vocabulary
  2. Actively use and understand guidelines by the JKU team
  3. Use Soft skills to effectively collaborate
  4. Improve creative problem solving
  5. Improve the visibility of the JKU by taking home self-made items
  6. Attract especially young people by using emerging technologies
  7. Improve ability to connect abstract concepts and concrete items