Line test

Hedy Lim

Read the instructions!

You will be given the equation of a straight line, in general form * Drag the points A and B to the point where y-intercept exist * Look at the value of , where is the gradient of the line. rise = vertical movement run = horizontal movement * Then drag one of the point (A or B) follow how many steps vertically and continued horizontally. Example: The line * Drag both points to the y-intercept * Value of is -3, it means rise = -3 and run = 1, or rise = 3 and run = -1 * So, drag on point A or B: * 3 steps up (vertically) and 1 step to the left (horizontally) or * 3 steps down (vertically) and 1 step to the right (horizontally) * When the statement "Great Job :)" pops up, it means your answer is correct. Please try 5 - 10 times, until you get the idea.