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estimate fraction in a set

In this activity, visualise or estimate the fraction of dots that are blue. The examples can be manipulated by the teacher in front of the learners. This may allow discussion about the meaning of fraction and developing a sense of the fraction size. The fraction is shown as f1 or f2 (on the left or right), before or after simplification. The dots can be ordered in columns (use the 'move' slider) or sorted for better visualisation. The number of column can be adjusted to show more clearly the fraction. Learners may suggest how many columns would be better. When the fractions are hidden, the dots are scattered and mixed, learners may guess the fraction. Their estimation can be updated when the dots are rearranged. When one of the fractions is shown, they can also estimate or work out another one. If you want to show the value of part or whole without showing the entire fraction (f1), click one of the slider, use the style bar to change the option of label from 'caption' to 'value'.