Exploring Transformations

Mr. Jones

Exploring Rotations

Discover things.

At this point you are going to play around and discover properties of rotations. Pay attention to what changes and what stays they same Here are some suggestions. Rotate the triangle 90 degrees. Notice the angle ADA' is a 90 degree angle. Use the buttons to turn off DA and turn on DB, what do you notice? Repeat with DC, what do you notice? Try other angles. Try moving point D. You can also move points A,B,C. What happens when you move a point to the right/left/up/down? use the tool to measure the line segment from A to B (it should say 4), try measuring other line segments...try measuring angles... Try other things...


Move the slider to change the magnitude of the translation. Move point E to change the direction. Move point D around... notice things Use the tool to measure distances like the distance between A and A' Use the angle tool to measure some angles. What do you notice?



Explore and discover

Move the slider to change the scale factor. What do you notice? what changes? what stays the same?

All the tools

You don't have to do anything with this one, it's just an opportunity to play with all of the tools available.