Page 5: Pedagogical Knowledge

By high school, students are very aware of the best way they learn- they know the techniques and strategies a teacher can use to increase success throughout the year. Prior to any lesson taught in our class, we would make sure we have students complete a survey in the beginning of the year explaining any strategies we can use to best teach them in all topics throughout the semester. This gives students a role in their own learning. Being experienced teachers, we will also use strategies we have witnessed be successful in our classroom. Technology has played an important role in student success in both of our classrooms, so we will incorporate it into our lessons in many different forms. We will create an engaging and innovating lesson plan in order to keep students focused and willing to learn. Our students will have Chrome Books to follow along with our PowerPoint and it will also be projected. We will incorporate math games in order to make the learning of our topic (even more) fun!!