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Saving and Sharing

So you want to save what you have done, copy it to a word processor and share it with your students? This is how you do it.
To copy the graphics area press Ctrl-Shift-C. You can also select Export - Graphics View to Clipboard on the File menu. You can first drag a rectangle round a specific area with the right mouse button to copy that specific area. To share the construction with your students, select Share from the File Menu. This will start the uploading process to GeoGebraTube. Don't forget to put in some search tags so that your students can find the material on GeoGebraTube. From GeoGebraTube they can run it online or download it if they wish. If you like this, then you'll like GeoGebraBooks like the one you are probably using now. You can publish your own book on your courses complete with text, pictures, videos and dynamic geogebra constructions. If you haven't got a GeoGebra account, get one here. You can try the controls here if you want - This is the tablet version of GeoGebra so the menu is under the three horisontal lines to the right of the magnifying glass (search icon) on the right.