A.6.17.3 A Peanut Jumping over a Wall

Mai is learning to create computer animation by programming. In one part of her animation, she uses a quadratic function to model the path of the main character, an animated peanut, jumping over a wall. Mai uses the equation y = -0.1(x - h)² + k to represent the path of the jump. y represents the height of the peanut as a function of the horizontal distance it travels, x. On the screen, the base of the wall is located at (22, 0), with the top of the wall at (22, 4.5). The dashed curve in the picture shows the graph of 1 equation Mai tried, where the peanut fails to make it over the wall. What are the values of h and k in this equation?

This applet is programmed to use Mai’s equation. Experiment with the applet to find an equation to get the peanut over the wall, and keep it on the screen. Choose values for h and k that will guarentee the peanut stays on the screen but also makes it over the wall. Click here for applet link.