Regression Models (2.02c,2.02h,2.02i,2.02j)


Can you move the red circles to get the 'perfect' line of best fit? Move the data points and try again.

The calculation of regression lines has been excluded from the new A-level spec however students should be able 'interpret regression lines'. This applet allows students to practise drawing a line of best fit and explore it's relationship to vertical deviations, squares (which are minimised in a least-squares regression which is the most common form of regression), the line of best-fit generated through a least squares regression and the mean point. The data points can be moved around to provide a new data set or to explore the effect of moving a data point on the calculated metrics. This applet can also be used to explore the effect of outliers on a regression model by dragging one data point so it becomes an outlier and then by clicking the outlier button and selecting the point.