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Triangle in the Mirror Castillo

Kiran started reflecting triangle CDE across line m. So far, he knows the image of D is D' and the image of E is E'. Below is Kiran's Diagram.

1. Annotate Kiran's diagram to show how he reflected point D. Using ONE of the following options: a. Construct two different circles centered at two different points, on line m, that go through point D. The point D' will be the common intersection of these circles because the points on m are each the same distance from D as they are from D'. b. Construct a line perpendicular to m going through D, then marking a point that is the same distance away from D as is D'. 2. On Kiran’s diagram use straightedge and compass moves (choose method a or b from #1) to determine the location of C'. Then lightly shade in triangle C'D'E'.