Translations: Self Check

Play around with the vector's magnitude and direction. Play around with the pre-image points. Be ready to answer the following questions.

Mario said yesterday that when you change the magnitude of the vector (make it smaller or larger), the shape gets smaller or larger. Do you agree or disagree with Mario and why?

Is it possible to move the image so that it is in the same location as the pre-image ((overlapping??) If so, describe what to do with the vector in order to get them to overlap:

Click the center of the correct vector for the picture below and drag it to show that it slides K to K'. (Place the initial point on K and the arrow point on K')
Draw a vector that maps ABCD to A'B'C'D'. Check by translating your shape with your vector.
Translate ABCD according to the following directions: "Left four, down 2" hint: Create a vector that represents that translation. Then "Translate by Vector".

For polygon ABCD in the last problem, where is point C' after the translation?