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Transformation Task

Apply a sequence of transformations on △ABC to form △GHJ. In the input bar you can use the following commands Translate[<object>, <vector> ] ex) Translate[ ABC, (2,-1) ] will move △ABC 2 to the right and 1 down. Reflect[<object>, <line> ] ex) Reflect[ ABC, y=x ] will reflect △ABC over the line y=x Rotate[ <object>, <angle>, <point> ] ex) Rotate[ ABC, 180°, (1,0) ] will rotate △ABC 180° about the point (1,0) Dilate[ <object>, <scale factor>, <point> ] ex) Dilate[ ABC, 2, (1,0) ] will dilate △ABC by a scale factor of 2 from (1,0)

Describe your sequence of transformations to transform △ABC to △GHJ

Select one of the statements that applies to the relationship between △GHJ and △ABC.

Select all that apply
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Explain your reasoning.

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