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What is a median?

Part 1

In the example below, AD is a median. Click and drag one of the vertices to see how it affects the figure. How would you define median?

What is a median?

Part 2

In the example below all three medians of the triangle are drawn. Move the vertices around. Do the medians always intersect? Do the medians always intersect inside the triangle?
The point of intersection of the medians of a triangle has a special name. Watch the video below to find out what it is called.

What is the point of intersection called?

Part 3

In the example below, only two medians are drawn. What is the relationship between the segments formed by the intersection?
Two medians are drawn in the example below. What is the relationship between the median and its parts?


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What are the relationships between the parts of medians?

Part 4

Below is a video showing how to use the theorem shown above. When you are done watching, you may grab your homework.