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im 1.12.3

im 1.12.3 Translating by directed segments

1. Translate triangle ABC by directed segment DE. a. What is the relationship between segments BC and B'C'? b. How does the length BC compare to that of B'C'? 2. Use your vector and the MOVE tool to connect point A' with point B. Connect A' with point C. a. What do you notice? b. How does this compare if you move point B' to points A and C? c. ... point C' to points A and B? d. What can you conclude about a vector translation? 3. Translate segment FG by vector (directed line segment) DE. With the move tool, move point D... and E. a. Use the segment tool to connect F to F', and G to G' b. What shape did you create? Explain your reasoning.