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8.5 Exploration 1: Proportional Sides (SSS)

Directions: In your journal on page 269: a. Construct ABC and DEF with the side lengths given in column 1 of the table (in your journal) *Use the sliders below to change the lengths of each side of each triangle according to the table in your journal pg 269 b. Complete the rest of column 1 in the table (in your journal copy down the angle meausures) c. Are the triangles similar? Explain your reasoning . (in your journal) d. Repeat parts (a-c) for columns 2-6 in the table (in your journal) e. How are the corresponding side lengths related in each pair of triangles that are similar? Is this true for each pair of triangles that are not similar? (answer this in your journal) Then go to page 270 and answer f and g