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Quadratic Graphs - Explore Standard Form

Explore how changes in the quadratic expressions coefficients a, b, and c affect the shape of its graph. We will start by looking at each one in turn before trying to determine what happens as 2 or more or changed at a time. Activity will take upwards of 5 minutes.
Note for a. While you explore what happens as you change a, the quadratic coefficient, you will need to develop the concept of concavity and add this word to your working vocabulary. Both circles and this shape, called a parabola or the simplest cases of concavity in maths.Every parabola has an axis of symmetryand a vertex. Its sign determines whether it is an open up or an open down shape and its magnitude determines how curvy it is. Learn more about concavity here

The position of the axis of symmetry is not affected by one of the coefficients. Which one is it?

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