Be Your Own Superhero

You have decided enough is enough and you are going to put your awesome geometry skills to work fighting evil crimedoers in your city. To remain anonymous and protect your identity, you'll need to come up with a superhero suit complete with logo. You have a meeting with Edna Mode to design your new supersuit.

Open the GeoGebra app to complete the rest of this assignment.

Create a new geometry window in GeoGebra. Create your superhero logo such that you have at least one of each of the following elements: -Circle -Radius -Chord -Inscribed angle -Circumscribed angle Be as colorful and creative as you can! Once you've created your logo, screen shot it and put it into Notability. Write a monologue about the reasons you've chosen your logo and how the mathematical elements relate to each other.
Once you've designed your suit, discuss your amazing geometric powers. Will you use your brilliant deductive powers of logic? Web slinging ability to create concentric circles? Some kind of creatively unique application of your mathematical skills? Once complete, email me your file as a PDF. Be sure to use a proper subject and email etiquette.