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GeoGebra's User Interface

Below you can see the  Graphics View and  Algebra View of GeoGebra, which form one of GeoGebra's pre-defined Math Apps, the  Graphing Calculator. Check out the user interface and familiarize yourself with its most important features.
Style Bar button
Menu buttonToolbar Image
Undo / Redo buttonsToolbar ImageToolbar Image
Note: You may want to open the  Math Apps menu using the Menu button, in order to select a different Math App (e.g. Geometry,  Spreadsheet CAS,  3D Grapher,  Probability).

Graphing Calculator

How does GeoGebra Work?

In GeoGebra, geometry and algebra work side by side: Using the provided geometry tools in the Toolbar you can create geometric constructions on the Graphics View with your mouse. At the same time the corresponding coordinates and equations are displayed in the  Algebra View.  On the other hand, you can directly enter algebraic input, commands, and functions into the Input Field by using the keyboard. While the graphical representation of all objects is displayed in the  Graphics View, their algebraic numeric representation is shown in the Algebra View. 

Flexible user interface

The user interface of GeoGebra is flexible and can be adapted to your needs. Examples If you want to use GeoGebra in early middle school, you might want to work with a blank sheet in the Graphics View and use geometry tools. Later on, you might want to introduce the coordinate system using a grid (accessible from the Style Bar) to facilitate working with integer coordinates. In high school, you might want to use algebraic input in order to guide your students through algebra on into calculus, or use the CAS for symbolic computations.

Different views of mathematics

GeoGebra offers the following Views:
Graphics View3D Graphics View
Algebra ViewComputer Algebra System (CAS) View
Spreadsheet ViewProbability Calculator View
These different Views can be shown or hidden using the View menu. For quick access to several predefined user interface configurations, you may want to try the Math Apps menu.

Other components of the user interface

You may also customize GeoGebra’s user interface to meet your personal needs by changing the default Math Apps and adding other components. GeoGebra’s user interface also provides a variety of dialogs. Different accessibility features as well as keyboard shortcuts allow you to access many features of GeoGebra more conveniently.