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Using Circle and Intersect Tools: Ex. 2


In the GeoGebra applet below, 1) Select the CIRCLE WITH CENTER THROUGH POINT Toolbar Image tool. Use this tool to plot a circle with center A that passes through B. 2) Keep this same tool selected. Now this time, construct a circle with center B that passes through A. 3) Use the INTERSECT Toolbar Image tool to plot the point(s) at which these 2 circles intersect. One of these points should be labeled C. 4) Use the POLYGON tool Toolbar Image to construct the triangle with vertices A, B, and C. 5) Now select the MOVE Toolbar Image tool. Move point(s) A and/or B around.


How would you classify triangle ABC by its sides? Why is this?

When you're done (or if you're unsure of something), feel free to check by watching the quick silent screencast below the applet.

Quick (Silent) Demo