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BPW Inv. 2.2F - Congruent Triangles

Part F

Open BPW online book Answer this prompt in your google doc: If you think triangle ABC is congruent to triangle PQR explain the transformations you used to match them up and which points correspond… Screen shot your transformed image and post in your Google doc.
  1. Example statement: I translated point A to point P because they are corresponding, then reflected the shape over line AD which I drew
  2. Example of corresponding points: point A corresponds to point P, point B corresponds to point G...etc
If triangles are not congruent explain why they don't match... Screen shot your transformed image to shot that it can not be congruent and post in your Google doc.
If you have made it this far and we still have time left... Create your own Geometry GeoGebra file and do Inv 1.2B & Inv 1.3B
If you finish this find me something really cool on GeoGebra related to transformations :) Go to and search the materials! Then, link the materials in your Google Doc!!