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Building Models with Cubes

Click on the GRAY button. Then remove the blue squares by clicking on each square. Now click on the Blue button. Click on 4 of the 9 squares in the square labelled Front. Now visualize rotating your design 180 degrees around the red point. Click on the squares in the square labelled Top to show your rotated design. Now visualize reflecting your design in the square labelled Top over the given line. Place the result in the square labelled Right.
Click on the triangle to close the CPM View. Use the Blue color to click on squares to show the Front View, the Right view and the Top view of the design shown below. The Top view is ALWAYS drawn from the Front side of the design.
Now click on the triangle to show the CPM view. Click on the Front button. How does your front view compare to the answer shown by the CPM sketch. Click on the Right and Top buttons to compare your answers.