A.4.15.3 U.S. Dollars and Mexican Pesos

An American traveler who is heading to Mexico exchanges some U.S. dollars for Mexican pesos. At the time of his travel, 1 dollar can be exchanged for 19.32 pesos. At the same time, a Mexican businesswoman who is in the United States is exchanging some Mexican pesos for U.S. dollars at the same exchange rate. 1. Find the amount of money in pesos that the American traveler would get if he exchanged: a. 100 dollars b. 500 dollars

2. Write an equation that gives the amount of money in pesos, p, as a function of the dollar amount, d, being exchanged.

3. Find the amount that the Mexican businesswoman would get if she exchanged: a. 1,000 pesos b. 5,000 pesos

4. Explain why it might be helpful to write the inverse of the function you wrote earlier. Then, write an equation that defines the inverse function.