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Algebra: Functions

On a seperate sheet of paper, write your answers in complete sentences to the following questions. Be sure to number your answers corresponding to the questions.
1. What is the domain and range? 2. What is f(x)=-3? 3. What is f(6)?
4. Domain and range? 5. find f(x)=2 6. find f(-1) 7. is this a function?
8. domain and range? 9. is this function different than the previous? why or why not? 10. find f(x)=-6 11. find f(4) 12. find f(-4) 13. is this a function?
14. use the link above to find domain and range of the 3 given graphs. Use the red and green sliders to highlight the domain and range for some help
use the above link to find range and domain of the following. you will type in the functions in the free space. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.