Important: This book is under construction. Apologies for the inconvenience. GeoGebra has a set of basic tools to make applets with different kinds of geometrical constructions, calculations or animations in a simple way, which is ideal for most of the cases. However, if you want to create more sophisticated applets, you can use a very powerful feature known as Scripting. In this GeoGebra book we will show how to create applets using scripting and we might examine topics that come from physics and mathematics, but it won’t be our job to investigate these topics with a particularly high level of academic rigor. Instead, we're going to glance at those concepts and grab the parts that we need in the service of building a particular example. In particular, I hope that the content of this book will help you, not only to understand how scripting works, but also to appreciate the advantages of using this method for creating applets (worksheets) in GeoGebra.