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Translating A Polygon

Read the directions and complete the problems.

Step 1: Create a polygon with vertices as described below.           A(1, 2) , B(3, 5), and C(6, 3)    Step 2: Click Toolbar Image (button 8)  Step 3: Choose Translate by Vector Toolbar Image.  Step 4: Translate the polygon a) Click the polygon itself b) Click point A.  A "ray" will appear.  This ray is a vector.   c) Click on a second point that moves the same left/right direction and up/down direction as the rule.  Move the ray so that a second point is created.    For example: if your rule is T<-4, 3>(ABC), you will move the second point left 4 and  up 3 from point A.   Step 5: When you've completed step 4, a translated triangle will automatically generate.   Step 6: Move point A' around.  You will notice that the image moves according to the vector.  Problem #1: T<-4, 3>(ABC) Problem #2: T<5, 7>(ABC) *Perform each transformation within this applet.   **Take a screen shot of your work (you will have problem #1 and problem #2 on one screenshot.)  Insert it into the appropriate google slide.   ***Geogebra will NOT save your work!!!!