Adding Fractions using Fraction Circles Tasks

This app looks at using fraction circles to add two fractions. It focuses on creating a common denominator for the two fractions.
  1. Click "New Question". This creates a new problem at the top.
  2. In the middle of the screen, you will see two sets of fraction circles. The top set are the two fractions represented on a fraction circle. The bottom two will be used to create the equivalent fractions.
  3. To start, if the bottom two circles do not look like the top two, use the sliders to the side of the circle to make them identical.
  4. Now use the sliders to try to create equivalent fractions with the goal to have the same denominator/parts in the circle between the bottom two circles. To make sure your have created an equivalent circle, see if it covers the same area of the circle as the one above it.
  5. Once you have your equivalent fractions, add your two numbers. Your numerator is the total number of parts colored in between the two circles. The denominator is the total number of points you split the circle into. Press "enter" and the app will tell you if you are correct or incorrect.
  6. Press "New Question" to try again. Do 5 total problems. As you do the problems, write down on your paper the problem and how you solved it. You will turn in your work at the end of the activity.