Tanz der Punkte 2

Variation on and analysis of Tanz der Punkte (Georg Wengler) Also see Daniel Piker @KangarooPhysics  24 apr 2022 The 5 points (k:0..4) follow the curve below and are repeated in a hexagonal grid. X(α,k) = (0.5+d)*cos(α+k*72°) - d*cos(-5*α) Y(α,k) = (0.5+d)*sin(α+k*72°) - d*sin(-5*α) Curve = Curve((X(α,0), Y(α,0)), α, 0,360°) Conclusion: The oscillation of the hexagonal grid in Tanz der Punkte (Georg Wengler) is ( d*cos(-5*α), d*sin(-5*α) )