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大同棋(四連戰) Quarto


Game Rules

Quarto is a board game for two players invented by Swiss mathematician Blaise Müller.It is published and copyrighted by Gigamic. The game is played on a 4×4 board. There are 16 unique pieces to play with, each of which is either:
  • tall or short;
  • red or blue (or a different pair of colors, e.g. light- or dark-stained wood);
  • square or circular; and
  • hollow-top or solid-top.
Players take turns choosing a piece which the other player must then place on the board. A player wins by placing a piece on the board which forms a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row of four pieces, all of which have a common attribute (all short, all circular, etc.). A variant rule included in many editions gives a second way to win by placing four matching pieces in a 2×2 square. Quarto is distinctive in that there is only one set of common pieces, rather than a set for one player and a different set for the other. It is therefore an impartial game.


大同棋(四連戰)(Quarto),是Blaise Müller(布萊斯·穆勒)在1991年推出的連棋類遊戲,其玩法是屬於無偏博弈。1993年被門薩國際評選為門薩推薦的遊戲。1993年德國年度遊戲獎推薦。 棋具
  • 4*4方格棋盤,共16個棋位。
  • 雙方共用16枚棋子。每枚棋子皆有4個特性,每種特性具2種類別。但沒有任意2枚棋子全部特性都相同。
    • 顏色:深或淺
    • 高度:高或低
    • 形狀:方或圓
    • 虛實:中空或實心
  • 空秤開局,棋子先放在棋盤外。
  • 玩家2-6人。
  • 每回合,先由對手任選一枚在場外的棋子,再由己方放在任一空格。
  • 四枚有相同特性的棋子以正或斜向連成一線即獲勝。[1]
  • 玩法1、當四枚有相同特性的棋子在四個鄰邊格連成方形也獲勝。其餘規則相同。
  • 玩法2、當四枚有相同特性的棋子在四個不相鄰格子中連成方形也獲勝(可以是斜方、菱形方)。其餘規則相同。