Bezier Curve

Behold the intricate workings of the awe-inspiring Bezier curve
Questions: - Consider the coding behind the above applet, the simple algebra connecting vectors and point and using those links the software running that and your operating system then the hardware that is being used. Next contemplate the millions of sources of the components that make up your hardware and peripherals (the processing of the several billion transistors and processing required to refine the raw materials). As a result I could post this small applet … Understanding that this Bezier curve animation was not the sole purpose for all of the work, imagine all of the energy required to develop this …. What amount of energy would be required to develop consciousness? You would think that the second law of thermodynamics would require a vast amount of “creative” energy to develop such a being. However as the system we live in is not closed, and receives energy from the sun, so this solar energy, over millions of years, could have brought about the intricate processes which make up life. - Alternatively ponder the impact that mathematics has on your emotional wellbeing