Lab11 System of Equations - Multivariable


1) Carl Friedrich Gauss

Like most top mathematicians, Carl Friedrich Gauss was an interesting say the least.                 ( A popular anecdote of his: "According to Isaac Asimov, Gauss was once interrupted in the middle of a problem and told that his wife was dying. He is purported to have said, "Tell her to wait a moment till I'm done." "(wikipedia) Research the mathematician that brought us the method of Gaussian Elimination and the Gaussian Distributions (normal curves). Determine where he was born, when he lived, at what age and how he was recognized as a math genius and how he is commemorated. Include one interesting story about Gauss as well.

2) Gaussian Elimination Applet

Use the Gaussian Elimination Applet to solve three different systems of equations (they are generated at random for you).  For each: a) Use the row operations for Gauss-Jordan Elimination to get the system in Reduced Row Echelon Form. b) "Take a partial screen shot" of the original problem. Paste it in the lab (see lab for what should be included in screenshot)   ( Click and drag to highlight the area to capture.  Click "copy to clipboard" and paste in your lab using Ctrl + v. c) On GeoGebra,plot the three original planes using "Start Creating" a "3-D Graphics" or editing the applet below. Make each plane a different color Plot the solution point on the graph Adjust the graph to clearly show the solution point. Take a screenshot of the entire applet below (one you change it for your problem).