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National Geographic Logo


Imagine that you work for the marketing team of National Geographic and are on the team designing the corporate logo. The font has already been selected and there’s definitely going to be a bright yellow rectangle next to the words… But what should the dimensions of the rectangle be?!
  1. Use the sliders labeled r and s to change the rectangle until you find it most appealing.
  2. Check the box labeled “Show Corporate Logo.” This will bring up the logo used by the Nat Geo currently. (It may be hidden behind the rectangle you created.)
  3. Use the slider labeled t to change the transparency of your rectangle and compare it to the corporate logo. Making t=0 will make your rectangle entirely invisible while t=1 will put your rectangle fully “in front of” the corporate logo. Don’t be discouraged if your rectangle doesn’t look anything like the one in use today, everybody has different taste!
  4. Checking the boxes on the right will give the ratio of the side lengths of the rectangles and highlight these side lengths in the applet. The ratio is always given as the longer side to the shorter side. How do the ratios of the rectangles that you selected compare with those of the corporate?