Calculations for Binary and Decimal Number Conversions

How do you convert a binary number, (which uses only digits zeros(0) and ones (1) as numbers to count quantities), to a decimal number (which uses digits zero (0) to nine (9) to count quantities)? Reference : Videos : CS50 2022 Introductory Lecture (Harvard U) @ 35 min 20s on using numbered light switches Khan Academy video on Introduction to Numbers Systems and Binary Numbers (longer) This resource can be used for numbers up to 16383, to learn how to convert values between these number systems. Do your own practice by choosing a few numbers of each type, and then working out the conversions on a piece of paper, before checking your answers.

Fun with Numbers

Check out this fun magic trick you can play with your unsuspecting friends and show them how you can read their minds. by Brad Ballinger Contains the pdf and images for printing out the physical cards and playing out the counting.