Remediation Performance Task - Constructions

​During this performance task you will learn 6 Geometric constructions. For each construction you will complete the following steps.

Step 1 - Watch a short video going over the construction Step 2 - Answer 3 questions about the video Step 3 - Use Geogebra to perform the construction
Construction #1 - Construct a perpendicular bisector

Step 1: Watch this short video on perpendicular bisector construction

Step 2: Answer three questions about perpendicular bisectors

On a compass, what does the opening between the center point to the pencil point represent?

Check all that apply

Which one of the properties described below DOES NOT apply to the perpendicular bisector of a segment?

Check all that apply

Which picture shows a line that is the perpendicular bisector?

Check all that apply

Step 3: Construct a Perpendicular Bisector using what you learned in video and the Geogebra tools below