Exploring linear equations


Activity 1 - Move the two points until the red line lies along the handrail of the staircase. Write down the equation of your final line in your workbook. Round numbers off to 2 decimal places.

Activity 2 - move the slider for c and observe the effect it has on the line. Write down in your workbook two sentences that describe the relationship between c and the line. "When c increases, the line ___________"

Activity 3 - move the slider for m and observe the effect it has on the line. What happens to the line when m is a negative number? Write a sentence in your workbook that describes the relationship between m and the line.

All straight lines can be written in the form affects the gradient or steepness of the graph is the y-intercept and changes where the line crosses the y-axis

Activity 4 - move the sliders for m and c and observe any effects on the line.

Activity 5 - Investigating parallel lines. Move the two blue points until the blue line lies along the line of the stairs. What is similar about the equations for your two lines? What is different?

Activity 6 - What if the staircase was reflected in the y-axis so it was pointing in the opposite direction? Adjust the red dots again, so the line runs along the handrail. Compare the new equation to your original. How are they similar and how are they

Challenge - adjust the gradients and intercepts of each line so that they overlay the struts of this laboratory jack.