A.3.1 Learning Goals

  • I can calculate missing values in a two-way table.
  • I can create a two-way table for categorical data given information in everyday language.
  • I can describe what the values in a two-way table mean in everyday language.
A categorical variable represents data which can be divided into groups or categories. In the opener, utensil and paper preference are two categorical variables. Another way to answer the questions like the ones in the opener is to make a two-way table. Let's complete the two-way table below with same information as th opener:
  • The survey included 100 different students.
  • 40 students said they prefer using pen more than pencil.
  • 45 students said they prefer using unlined paper more than lined paper.
  • 10 students said they prefer lined paper and pen.
  • 45 student said they prefer pencil and lined paper.