Fraction Track

A game I first saw at NCTM as a solitaire game. Then saw Theresa Wills demonstrate it on Google slides. (Video, templates) Suggested 2 team rules: Each team pushes the FRAC button. Lesser fraction goes first, and that is their first move. On your move, can move forward a point or combination of points the total fraction you got, but you have to move the total or pass. For example, if you got 1/2, you could move a point on the fourths 1/4 and a point on the twelfths 3/12, or you could move a point 1/2, 3/6 or 6/12 or... If you can't use the whole fraction, pass your turn. If you land on an opponent, send them back to zero on that same line. You can only have one point on a particular fraction line at a time. If you get to 1, you score the point! Move it to a scoring box below. Winner is the first to score 5 points.