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Explore Angle Relationships

Question: What is the relationship between the angles in a triangle (or quadrilateral)?
1. Gather data by measuring several different triangles (or quadrilaterals). 2. Record your data in a table. 3. Look for patterns in the angle measures. 4. When you think you have found a pattern, this is your hypothesis. Write it down. 5. Test your hypothesis by measuring a few more shapes. If you can wreck your hypothesis, go back to steps 1-3. If you can't wreck your hypothesis, move to step 6. 6. Share your hypothesis with your group. See if they can wreck it. If they can, go back to steps 1-3. If they can't, move to step 7. 7. Share your hypothesis with the class. See if we can wreck it. If we can, go back to steps 1-3. If we can't, move to step 8. 8. Congratulations!! You're awesome and you discovered a rule.