GeoGebra Folders Tutorial

Use our new Folders to structure your created GeoGebra resources! Create folders and subfolders to get a better overview of your own Books and Activities!

Create a folder

In order to create a new folder, go to your profile page and click the  CREATE button. Select  Folder in the dropdown menu, enter a folder name and click Create.
Note: You can also create subfolders by opening a folder and clicking the Create button.

Move a resource into a folder

Click on the More button of the resource you want to move and select Move to. Select the folder where the resource should be moved and click Move.
Note: You can also move your resources into folders by using drag and drop.

Navigation in folders

You can use the navigation path in the header to get an overview in which folder you are. You can click on this path to navigate between your resources, folders and subfolders.

Folder context menu

You can use the folder's More button to Rename,  Delete or  Move a folder. If you select Move to, you are able to move folders in other folders.
Note: You can also move folders by drag and drop.