One-Variable Data Analysis

Over a two-week period, Mai had the following number of math homework problems each school day. 2 15 20 0 5 25 1 0 10 12 1. Find or calculate the following values and show your reasoning. a. The median, quartile, maximum, and minimum of the data on Mai's math homework problems. b. The interquartile range (IQR). 2. Calculate the following. Show your reasoning. a. The mean number of math homework problems. b. The mean absolute deviation (MAD). 3. Interpret the mean and MAD. What do they tell you about the number of homework problems Mai had over these two weeks? 4. Which pair of measures of center and variability—mean and MAD, or median and IQR—do you think summarize the distribution of Mai's math homework assignments better? Explain your reasoning. You may use the applet to help if you choose to. Enter the values needed to calculate the IQR and the mean when prompted.