Vector Game

Ben Sparks
Details: The vector that the blue dot will move when you click "GO" is represented on the right hand side of the screen. You can drag the blue dot on the right, or edit the components manually. For ease of display the vectors are limited to plus/minus 3 in each direction (anywhere in the square region from the centre). Red Cross and Blue Dot are draggable to set up new games. You can show/hide the length and angle of the vector by clicking "Show direction and bearing" You can show/hide the vector arrow by clicking "Show vector arrow" Ideas:
  • Basic: Get the Blue Dot to the Red Cross in as few moves as possible?
  • Auction: Drag the Red Cross and Blue Dot to new locations, have two teams write down (secretly) how many moves they think they can complete it in. Lowest bid gets to try. If they fail they lose points. If they succeed they gain points.
  • Advanced: Blindfold a student. Read them the coordinates of Blue and Red and ask for instructions.