2.3 Area above and below the x-axis


Applet explorations

1) Your goal in this task is to predict the area enclosed between the function , the x-axis and the lines at A and B. Try doing this by hand first of all. Type your answer into the box and press enter. 2) Show the areas for different integrals using the checkboxes. Does this change your prediction? Keep trying until you get the correct number in the answer box. 3) Move the sliders to change the limits. Can you come up with a general rule for this kind of problem? Type in new answers to make sure your general rule is correct. 4) Extra question: What happens when you move B to the left of A? Why does this happen? Summarise any key points at the bottom of the page.

Applet conclusions

Note any key points from this activity. How can this applet be used to develop our understanding of calculus?