Reflect Points across x-axis & y-axis



The original point A(x,y) (point with a small ring on its position) will be placed randomly on grid. You will show where A(x,y) would be reflected over the x-axis and y-axis. For Reflection over x-axis: Select the point (Reflect Over x-axis) marked with an X. Move the point to the correct position For Reflection over y-axis: Select the point (Reflect Over y-axis) marked with an . Move the point to the correct position. When both points are in the correct position, the message Correct Position! and a button for a New Exercise will appear. After you place the two points on the correct position: (1) Take a picture or screen shot of the screen (2) Press the New Exercise button. (3) After you have four (4) pictures of your success, email them to me. In your email include answers to the following 2 questions. (1) When you reflect a point across the x-axis, which coordinate changes? (2) How does that coordinate change? (Note: you can click and drag the grid around if any points are hidden. You can also zoom in or out as needed for better visibility.)