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Trigonometric Function Transformations - Degrees

The following tasks will guide you in your exploration. 1) Explore how changing a, b, and d affects the graph of the sine curve. Consider the effect of each transformation on the amplitude, period, and principal axis of the sine curve. 2) Write a specific prediction: what do you know about the graph of y = 3sin(2x) + 1? What is its amplitude? Period? Principal axis? 3) Test your prediction using the applet. 4) Sketch a graph prediction of each curve below by hand. Then test your prediction with the applet. a) y = -sin(3x) b) y = 5sin(x) - 3 c) y = -3sin(4x) + 2 5) Summarize in your notes: How do you find the amplitude, period, and principal axis of y = asin(bx) + d ?